Are Psychics Real? What is a Real Psychic Reading?

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Real psychics at Voice of the Angels.comAre psychics Real? What is a real psychic? Of course psychics are real, just like mechanics (or any specialist) are real.  But like mechanics, there are certain differences that make real psychics better than other real psychics.

When seeking out a real psychic or a real psychic reading, you want to look for someone who is naturally gifted – that is, gifted from birth.  That is a real psychic…someone who has seen and talked to spirits since ever they can remember.

Now, just because someone is a real psychic, it doesn’t mean that they are going to be good at giving psychic readings by phone. That is a particular specialty.  If you’re paying by the minute, as you do on most psychic reading networks, that is important.

Most psychics can use a variety of methods to give a psychic reading, such as channeling, tarot card reading, clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairvoyance, or mediumship, and it can be important to read their bio and educate yourself on the various forms of psychic gifts.  But most real psychics don’t need to use tools such as tarot cards.  However, even though they don’t need to use them, some still will do so in a phone psychic reading because it can help them form a bridge and connect with you and your energy in a faster way.

Here is what to look for in a real psychic reading with a real psychic online:

1.  Can your psychic connect with your energy quickly and accurately?

2.  Can your psychic give you accurate future predictions? (These are predictions that actually come true, so it may take a few weeks for things to unfold).

3. Can your psychic tell you things that they would not have known by any ordinary means?

4. Can your psychic bring forth specific details, such as “I see you getting a new job in the next month in the town north of where you currently live,” rather than speaking to you in generalities, such as “I see upcoming changes.”

It’s important to remember that psychics are not God and they are not always right. Why? This is mostly because of the free will factor.  For example, your psychic can tell you that you will take a trip next Friday.  You don’t have any current plans to do so, so you are a bit surprised by this and somewhat skeptical.  On Thursday your friend calls and tells you they have tickets to the Bahamas and they want you to go with them.  Oh, wow! How did your psychic know this? The answer is because he or she is a real psychic and you have just received a real psychic reading.  However, you – for whatever reason – decline your friend’s offer of the trip to the Bahamas.  This is your free will choice.  And you have just changed the psychic prediction.  So is your psychic wrong or right?

Another example of this is your psychic tells you that “John” will call you on Friday.  John calls you on Thursday instead. Or. . .John calls you on Friday of the following week.  OR. . .John texts you on Friday instead of calling you. OR…John had the phone in hand and was about to dial your number and then his boss came in and asked him to do something, so John didn’t/couldn’t call you on Friday.  But he did call you on Saturday.  Free will has changed the prediction. Is your psychic wrong or right?

The bottom line is that real psychics can bring forth a great deal of helpful information and usually have a wealth of information for you.  Real psychics can usually bring forth accurate time frames, names, dates, and specific details that can help you make important decisions.  They can point out things you can already confirm, as well as tell you things that aren’t apparent, or that you do not already know.  As with anything, it is up to you as to what you do with any and all messages that come your way, psychic or otherwise.

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